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Common Strom Damage Caused By Hurricanes | SERVPRO of South Bronx

9/19/2018 (Permalink)

The Bronx is familiar with the damage that accompanies severe storms, like hail, ice, and snow storms. With its location near the coast, neither is the area unfamiliar with hurricanes. But did you know there are a total of ten common storms? They are hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, snow storms, hail storm, thunderstorms, lightning storms, tropical storms, ice storms and Derecho storms.

Of these, Derecho storms are actually considered rare. Have you heard of it before? This type of storm happens when several large storms form one giant storm that can reach speeds of 58 miles per hour (at least) and cover 250 miles.

Whatever storm is coming, SERVPRO® of South Bronx knows how important it is that a home feels secure and protected.

With South Bronx’s proximity to the coast, many of these possible storms could affect the area. New York is already familiar with how far reaching the destruction from Hurricane Sandy was. In fact, most hurricanes reach farther than one might think.

<h3they-cause-so-much-damage-it-s-vital-to-be-familiar-with-the-damage-caused-by-hurricanes-and-how-the-damage-is-caused:0a3064c99cbe1ad3a6862dacb0cd104d">Since they cause so much damage, it’s vital to be familiar with the damage caused by hurricanes and how the damage is caused.<h4wind:0a3064c99cbe1ad3a6862dacb0cd104d">First, wind.

The wind created by hurricanes can be linked to the majority of damage caused by hurricanes. In some hurricanes, the wind is so strong as to form tornadoes. Powerful winds of 74 - 155 miles per hour are common and strong enough to cause severe wreckage. Trees, power lines, vehicles, and roofs are all at risk from wind. Storm winds pick up and scatter debris of all shapes and sizes, causing further destruction.

<h4storm-surge:0a3064c99cbe1ad3a6862dacb0cd104d">Second, storm surge.

Even before a hurricane hits land, its wind is causing damage. As the hurricane moves closer to shore, it brings water with it, pushing it toward the coast. The excess water has nowhere to escape to, so it piles up and forms what has been called a “wall of water.” The water rises high above the predicted tide level and crashes into the shore, creating destruction and flooding inland.

<h4floods:0a3064c99cbe1ad3a6862dacb0cd104d">Third, floods.

As mentioned, storm surge is a primary cause of flooding when excess water is forced from the ocean and onto the shore and further. But the other primary cause of flooding is from heavy precipitation. Hurricanes cause excessive heavy rainfall, both in the area where it lands and as far as the surrounding 100 miles. Tropical storms that don’t reach hurricane status can have this effect, too.

The damage caused by hurricanes can be extensive and overwhelming to recover from. But you don’t have to do it alone. SERVPRO® of South Bronx is always ready to help.

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