What our Customers say...



Thanks for reaching out to me today. I wanted to take the opportunity to describe my interactions with  your Crew Chief Shawntell (Shawn)Thomas.

Shawn was the complete professional in every aspect of this job. He was timely, responsive and kept me fully informed of his progress. When an issue arose that required the owner’s input, he promptly reached out to me and clearly described the issue and was able to take and use what instruction I could offer. He clearly cared about doing his job to the highest performance levels despite having to operate under very unpleasant circumstances involving a sewage leak. If Shawn is any indication of the kind of employees you have at your  SERVPRO franchise, you have a winning  team and you should be proud of him.

All the best,


Thank you for your assistance in clearing up the water flood that was caused by a burst pipe your services was highly appreciated.

Thank you for clearing out the sewage backup that flooded my basement I'm glad I did call you guys and took care of the problem.

I'm really happy how my house turned out after the fire and smoke and very satisfied how SERVPRO of South Bronx took the dedication and professionalism with their services, thank you I am very please.

Thank you for taking care of the mold in my kid's bedroom. It was a satisfaction to see how you guys took care of the problem. Thank you for your great services and dedication.

"My entire living room was affected by a sewage back up. I needed restoration FAST. The SERVPRO of South Bronx crew arrived fully equipped and did not come to waste time. My living room was restored in 2 days and I couldn't have been anymore satisfied!"

"SERVPRO of South Bronx did a awesome job removing my wet carpet through out my apartment after a flood occurred. GREAT JOB SERVPRO."

"SERVPRO of South Bronx did a great job extracting all standing water and drying out all wet surfaces after a bad storm hit my basement. My basement looked like there was never any damages. Good job!"

"After a rain storm hit my business property I felt hopeless and sadden, but SERVPRO of South Bronx took those feelings away once the restoration process was finished. Thank you guys!!!"

"All I could say is, IMPRESSIVE! Thank you"

"NO soot stains and NO smoke odor left behind thanks to SERVPRO of South Bronx!"

"You guys did a great job with extracting the water from my Law Office."

"SERVPRO technicians did an amazing job."

"SERVPRO South Bronx did a great job restoring my property. Thank you!"

"I am reaching out to commend your staff for the wonderful job they did. They were professional, through out and quite courageous. I am happy to report I was very satisfied with the outcome."

"You guys do great job restoring my home from a storm"

"I had a very bad mold growth in my home. I called SERVPRO and they scheduled the job quickly. Once the remediation was complete, I have to say SERVPRO did their thing. There hasn't been any mold in site since!"

"SERVPRO of South Bronx did a great job removing the mold off my window sill and ceiling. I would recommend SERVPRO to others."

"Due to a storm, my beauty salon walls absorbed a lot of water because of the hole in my roof. SERVPRO of South Bronx dried my walls as well as patched up the hole that the water was coming in from. The technicians did a great job and would definitely recommend SERVPRO." 

"Mold is disgusting to me so I totally freaked out when I realized I had mold in my laundry room. SERVPRO took my feelings towards the mold into consideration and removed it quickly. Thanks to SERVPRO I did not have to feel disgusted in my own home anymore. THANK YOU!"

"SERVPRO of South Bronx were professional when they arrived to my home to work on effected molded areas. Not only did they completely remove the mold from my home, they also gave me tips on how to spot visible mold and what actions to take. SERVPRO was very helpful."

"Due to a minor electric fire in my home, my living-room walls was left with soot. There was also a strong smoke odor lingering around my house. SERVPRO came and completely removed the soot from the walls and deodorized the whole house. You can not even tell there was a fire at my home."

"A sewage back up caused really bad water damage to my living-room walls and carpet. I was lucky enough to get referred to SERVPRO of South Bronx. They responded quickly and took immediate actions to restore my damaged property and contents. Thanks SERVPRO, you guys did a great job!" 

"I had a lingering odor in my Beauty Spa. I tried all kinds of air fresheners and the smell just wouldn't go away. SERVPRO came and deodorized my property. Its been 2 months since then and the odor has not come back. Thank you SERVPRO"

" I choose SERVPRO because they did an amazing job restoring my neighbors fire damage. She had told me SERVPRO was professional, caring and worked quickly and she was totally right!"

"At first I was skeptical we would have to close the business for a day or 2 but when SERVPRO informed me that the work can get done without having to shut down the business, I was pleased to move forward with their services. SERVPRO was considerate about my business productivity and worked fast and promptly!"

"SERVPRO technicians were great. They were fast, had a good work ethic and professional. I was satisfied with the completed job at my home."

"SERVPRO of South Bronx is professional and reliable and offers great service."

"The results of the finished job was outstanding and the technicians worked promptly. I'll recommend SERVPRO anytime."

"SERVPRO technicians were great. They were fast, had a good work ethic and professional. I was satisfied with the finished job."

"With SERVPRO I was able to operate my business while they worked on the damaged area and it worked out perfectly! Because of SERVPRO I got what I needed repaired quickly and didn't have to miss a day of business."

"My 3 story town house hadn't been cleaned in over 25 years. I got in contact with SERVPRO South Bronx and they immediately took action. SERVPRO professionals were very detailed and organized. It only took them 2 days to complete the job which it probably would of took me a whole month. I am very pleased with the services SERVPRO South Bronx provided."

"SERVPRO was very professional, prompt and polite. I was very impressed with the results. I would most certainly recommend SERVPRO South Bronx!!"

"Never would I imagine having any fire damage, especially at my place of work. Being that this incident was so random, I panicked. I was fortunate enough to get in contact with SERVPRO South Bronx. They helped me keep my cool and they did an excellent job cleaning up the mess the fire had left behind. SERVPRO Professional's did such a good job that I am now inquiring about general cleaning services on a monthly bases."

"I could not believe how much damage an water flood can cause. Luckily I heard about SERVPRO. They came and did their job. Once the job was completed, I was very happy I chose SERVPRO!"

"SERVPRO came and did what they had to do. They finished the job in less time than we expected. We were very satisfied when the job was completed. They were professional and kind and we could not imagine any better service. I'm proud to say that the experience was great and SERVPRO of South Bronx gets the job done!"

"I've never had mold growth in my home so it was a scary situation. I was unsure of what to do but when I called SERVPRO of South Bronx, they properly explained the significate restoration process for my situation and put all my worries at ease. I left everything in the hands of the professionals at SERVPRO and I'm glad I did. I was pleased with their work ethic and their concerned attitudes. SERVPRO of South Bronx did a great job and gave excellent service!"

"After a terrible fire in my home, I was left with nothing but an hopeless feeling. SERVPRO reinsured me that everything was going to be OK and they were right! Not only did they do a great job at restoring my property and making it look as if it never even happened, they were also professional and caring. They made me feel like they really cared and showed it with the restoration of my home. I will definitely recommend SERVPRO South Bronx and if I ever encounter another nightmare like this, they will be my go to!!" 

"SERVPRO of South Bronx was very professional and caring about my damaged property. They helped me stay calm through the restoration process. SERVPRO restored my property right before my eyes and I have to say I was very impressed. I could not have asked for better service. Thank you SERVPRO!"